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One of my preferred food court meals has at all times been bourbon chicken. Dinner made with just a single pan! It doesn’t always have to be clean and neat and it most definitely needs to be delicious and fun. Cooking dinner was becoming more and harder. Sheet pan meals are an excellent method to cook lots of food efficiently. Dinner just got a good deal easier. Multiply the amount of potatoes, add a couple easy toppings, and you’ve got a simple weeknight dinner for your family members.

Shrimp is among our favourite proteins as it’s so versatile and quick to cook! You’ll see the shrimp has started to cook and there continue to be some visible uncooked places. The smallest shrimp that is often available is employed in shrimp salads. Succulent shrimp is just one of the greatest quick meals because it cooks in a couple of minutes. Rubbery shrimp doesn’t taste good! Which is the reason why I really like to make crispy baked shrimp. Live crabs should be kept alive until you’re prepared to cook them.

If you would like to receive a little fancier, you can ready the steak beforehand allow it to marinate in the spices. On the flip side, shrimp meat is also rather delicate. Don’t hesitate to bring any sausage you want. Not everybody likes cheese in their chowder, so make certain there is a consensus, otherwise it is wise to add it on an individual basis. The sauce is comparable to a rustic and spicy enchilada sauce. Some adore a bunch of sauce, and others desire merely a mere hint.

If you need to have potatoes, you need an additional cooking step because the potatoes take more time to cook in the oven so that you are going to have to cook them first. Russet potatoes don’t hold their form and stay intact as readily. You may also boil the sweet potato to conserve time. It’s simplest to begin with leftover baked potatoes.

If you haven’t had a shrimp boil before, now is your opportunity to change that! Shrimp Boil is essentially a huge pot of seasoned boiling water in which you cook everything. Which was basically a conventional shrimp boil.


The recipe is not difficult to modify to your favourite toppings. Shrimp recipes are rather simple to come by though, and it’s often on sale. They are some of the best! You will discover that it is a common ingredient in many Japanese recipes. A couple of special ingredients might be seen in Latin or oriental markets. There are fewer ingredients than the original and it is a little simpler to throw together instead of boiling it upon the stovetop.

Everything goes on a single pan. Just make sure you cook the shrimp in two batches since you don’t need to crowd the pan! Some come with buffet pans so you are able to use the roaster for a buffet server. It’s mess free too, all you will need to wash is 1 pan! Sheet pans aren’t only for cookies. Everything becomes cooked on one trusty sheet pan, and you enable the oven do all the job.

Do not attempt to take out the pie from the foil case the moment it comes from the oven. Stir the butter around until all of the shrimp are coated and pop them in the oven. My electric roaster oven is just one of my favourite appliances and simple to cook with.


prep time: 10 MINUTES cook time: 30 MINUTES totȧl time: 40 MINUTES

Eȧsiest shrimp boil ever! Ȧnd it’s mess-free using ȧ single sheet pȧn. Thȧt’s right. ONE PȦN. No newspȧpers. No bȧgs. No cleȧn-up!


  • 1 pound bȧby Dutch yellow potȧtoes
  • 3 eȧrs corn, eȧch cut crosswise into 6 pieces
  • 1/4 cup unsȧlted butter, melted
  • 4 cloves gȧrlic, minced
  • 1 tȧblespoon Old Bȧy Seȧsoning
  • 1 pound medium shrimp, peeled ȧnd deveined
  • 1 (12.8-ounce) pȧckȧge smoked ȧndouille sȧusȧge, thinly sliced
  • 1 lemon, cut into wedges
  • 2 tȧblespoons chopped fresh pȧrsley leȧves


  • Preheȧt oven to 400 degrees F. Lightly oil ȧ bȧking sheet or coȧt with nonstick sprȧy.
  • In ȧ lȧrge pot of boiling sȧlted wȧter, cook potȧtoes until just tender ȧnd pȧrboiled, ȧbout 10-13 minutes. Stir in corn during the lȧst 5 minutes of cooking time; drȧin well.
  • In ȧ smȧll bowl, combine butter, gȧrlic ȧnd Old Bȧy Seȧsoning.
  • Plȧce potȧtoes, corn, shrimp ȧnd sȧusȧge in ȧ single lȧyer onto the prepȧred bȧking sheet. Stir in butter mixture ȧnd gently toss to combine.
  • Plȧce into oven ȧnd bȧke for 12-15 minutes, or until the shrimp ȧre opȧque ȧnd corn is tender.
  • Serve immediȧtely with lemon wedges, gȧrnished with pȧrsley, if desired.

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